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Gobo Arms

A range of 65mm Gripheads which are factory fitted to 16mm diameter stainless steel extension arms.

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Part No:

G1230: 500mm Single Gobo Arm (weight: 0.84 Kg)

G1235: 1 Metre Single Gobo Arm (weight: 1.06 Kg)

G1240: 500mm Double Extension (Twin Gobo Heads) (weight: 1.68 Kg)

G1245: 1 Metre Double Extension (Twin Gobo Heads) (weight: 2.14 Kg)

G1255: 1 Metre x 16mm Stainless Steel Extension Arm (weight: 0.46 Kg)

G1250: 500mm x 16mm Stainless Steel Extension Arm (weight: 0.23 Kg)