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RU Rack Frames

An economical wall mounted unit, with enclosed top and base, open rear and sides.

Front face is multiple punched to accept M6 cage nuts.

Special size Rack Frames and Panels made to order.

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Part No:

T26000: 4 RU Frame (weight: 4.36 Kg)

T26100: 8 RU Frame (weight: 4.86 Kg)

T26110: 8 RU Frame 19" Deep (weight: 6.83 Kg)

T26120: 9 RU Frame (weight: 7.08 Kg)

T26200: 12 RU Frame (weight: 5.12 Kg)

T26201: 12 RU Frame 19" Deep (weight: 7.09 Kg)

T26300: 16 RU Frame (weight: 5.80 Kg)

T26310: 20 RU Frame (weight: 5.95 Kg)