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Blanking Panel Single

A selection of steel or aluminium front rack panels manufactured with folded lip, to fit any standard 19” Rack. Finished in crackle black.

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Part No:

Steel Panels:

T26400: Single Panel (weight: 0.23 Kg)

T26500: Double Panel (weight: 0.40 Kg)

T26600: Treble Panel (weight: 0.58 Kg)

T26700: Quad Panel (weight: 0.74 Kg)

Aluminium Panels:

T26800: Single Panel (weight: 0.18 Kg)

T26900: Double Panel (weight: 0.36 Kg)

T27000: Treble Panel (weight: 0.54 Kg)

T27100: Quad Panel (weight: 0.72 Kg)