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Heavy Duty Double Pulley

A basic single sheave pulley ready to accept any of our range of fixings.

To order pulleys please state part numbers of:

1. Basic Pulley required

2. Fixing System required ie.

T42931 + T42984 = 100mm Single Pulley (for Rope) fitted with Awning Brackets.

The recommended sizes and for Hand Ropes & Wires are:

100mm Diameter Sheave - 12mm Rope – 4mm Wire

150mm Diameter Sheave - 18mm Rope – 6mm Wire

200mm Diameter Sheave - 18mm Rope – 6mm Wire

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Part No:

T42902: 100mm (double sheave) for wire - SWL 200 Kg

T42912: 150mm (double sheave) for wire - SWL 400 Kg

T42922: 200mm (double sheave) for wire - SWL 600 Kg

T42932: 100mm (double sheave) for rope - SWL 200 Kg

T42942: 150mm (double sheave) for rope - SWL 400 Kg

T42952: 200mm (double sheave) for rope - SWL 600 Kg